ACS     armament control system
ADAG    Aerospace Defense Air Group
AAM     air-to-air missile
ADC     Aerospace Defense Corps
ACLS    automatic carrier landing system
A/G-AS  anti-ground attack system
AGM     air-to-ground attack system
AIM     air intercept missile
ALS     automatic landing system
AWACS   airborne early warning and control system

BIT     built-in test
CAP     combat air patrol

CDIP    continuously displayed impact point
CIC     combat information control

DLC     direct lift control
ECM     electronic countermeasures
ECCM    electronic counter-countermeasures
ECS     environmental control system
EDF     Earth Defense Force
EMI     electromagnetic interference
EMP     electromagnetic pulse
EWO     electronic warfare officer
FAB     Faery Air Base
FAF     Faery Air Force
FCC     fire control computer
FCR     fire control radar
FCS     fire control system
GHQ     General Headquarters
GLOC    G-induced loss of consciouness
GTGM    ground-to-ground missile
HAAM    high-velocity air-to-air missile
HUD     head-up display
HVM     high-velocity missile
IFF     Identification, Friend or Foe
JFS     jet fuel starter
KIA     killed in action
MAX     maximum power
MFD     multi-function display
MIA     missing in action
MIL     military power
MTI     moving target indicator
RPM     revolutions per minute
RPV     remotely piloted vehicle
RTB     return to base
RWR     radar warning receiver
SAF     Special Air Force
SAM     surface-to-air missile
SOP     standard operating procedure
SSL     SAF Super Link
TAB     tactical air base
TAF     Tactical Air Force
TAISP   tactical automated information sensor pod
TARPS   tactical airborne reconnaissance pod system
TCG     Tactical Combat Group
TCU     tactical control unit
TD      target designator
TDB     tactical data bank
TDG     Technology Development Center
UNEDO   United Nations Earth Defense Organization


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