The Blade of Olympus

The Blade of Olympus is not a weapon from Greek mythology. This sword was introduced in the God of War series and was said to embody the power of the Olympians. Zeus, from this myths, used the weapon to end the Great War with the Titans. He turned the blade's powers against Kratos and tried to kill him with it. This failed because Kratos returned from death; he used the power of the Fates to rewrite history and save himself from Zeus' treachery.

Traditionally, swords are often associated with power, authority, justice, and brutality. While magic swords rarely appear in the ancient Greeks myths, swords do appear frequently as symbols of incredible power and inevitable death.

An example of a symbolic blade would be the Sword of Damocles: a blade that was said to hang over a ruler's head and could fall at any time. The symbolism reflects the weight of leadership and the possibility for sudden and catastrophic change that comes with it.

When Aphrodite appears as the Goddess of Victory, she bears the sword, helmet, and shield of Ares. Ares was worshiped by the Scythians in the form of a divine sword. Nemesis, the grim goddess of vengeance, bears a wheel in one hand and a sword in the other.

Among the mortals there are fewer examples of this power. Heracles was given a divine sword as a reward for defeating Erginus. The hero Peleus carried a divine sword forged by Hephaestus. Theseus used a divine sword hidden for years in a shrine to Zeus to prove he was the true son and rightful heir of Aegeus, King of Athens.


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