Kratos returns to the field of battle! You've been waiting for this for some time, but need wait no longer. The war against the Olympians rages and you'll be at the forefront, helping Kratos change the entire course of history once more. With the aid of the Titans, he hopes to unseat the rulers of Olympus, but is this path to glory or a fool's errand? Only time will tell.

God of War III promises to be the biggest yet in this epic franchise, and you won't want to miss a thing. My guide contains maps of all the areas, the locations of each and every chest, and the top tricks for overcoming your enemies in battle. I'll show you the easiest - and some of the hardest - routes through the story. Whether you like gaining experience and purchasing upgrades, collecting all the items, or earning all the trophies, this guide has the information.

Series History

As you can see, God of War III is actually the fifth entry in the storyline of the series. Obviously, God of War I was the incredible unveiling of what would turn out to be one of the most recognizable icons in gaming. The second release of the game further entrenched Kratos as a force to be reckoned with. The Mobile and PSP versions of the series provide insight into more of Kratos' backstory that helped define him as the Ghost of Sparta. The God of Collection was re-release of the firs two console tittles remastered for the PS3.


The God of War series has stretched over five years of real time, and it covers several periods from the life of Kratos.

The epic story of Kratos begins during his service to the gods as a Spartan warrior willing to do their bidding. Through the game, he is often challenged by mortals and immortals alike, eventually falling prey to their machinations due to his driving desire to be cleansed of his nightmares and reunited with his dead family.

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, is revealed to be behind the scheming and in collaboration with the Titan Atlas to get revenge against the Olympians for her yearly incarceration in Hades. She planned to kill everyone, including herself, in an attempt at revenge and to finally e free of the Underworld. Kratos rises to challenge her at the cost of his own chance at redemption and future with his daughter, Calliope, in the fields of Elysium. Persephone falls to Kratos, a brutal foretelling of things to come, and Atlas himself foresees a reunion with Kratos at later date.

Victory achieved, Kratos returns Helios' Chariot to the heavens and, drained from his many battles, falls from the skies only to be stopped at the last instant above the ground. Helios and Athena strip the Spartan of his weapons and adornments and leave him atop a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Our Byronic hero begins God of War I cursed by the Gods of Olympus, for reasons that unfold during his unexplained quest for vengeance. His duty is to stop a rebellious war between Ares and the people of Athens. Ares, the God of War, was jealous of Athena's favored city and the good will shown to it by Zeus. Kratos eventually succeeded in gaining enough power to eventually face and kill the Olympian, Ares, and assume his mantle as the new God of War. This did not sit well with the remaining Olympians. After all, a mere mortal should not sit beside them as an equal. One could surmise that the Olympians find his presence nearly as frightening as it is galling. After all, one of their number fell by his hand.

The story continued in God of War: Betrayal through a story where Kratos must prove his innocence from the crime of killing Hera's pet, Argos. The Ghost of Sparta finds that he was framed by an unknown assassin whom is tasked with defacing Kratos in the eyes of the Olympian Gods. Through this part of his tale, concern is shown by Zeus regarding the wake of absolute destruction left by Kratos during his attempt to establish his innocence. The God of War refuses to be chained and continues on a path not within the plans and without the approval of the other gods of Olympus.

So, in God war II, a trap was set for Kratos, which resulted in the Olympians recapturing the Ghost of Sparta's godly powers. Left to die, our anti-hero should have fallen victim to the passage of time and disappeared into history. He did not...

Kratos was told of the Fates and their ability to change the path that each person takes. A Titan named Gaia, and old enemy of Zeus, explained to Kratos how he might find the Fates and alter his past, avoiding death at the hands of Zeus. So, Krator bared his teeth and sought the Fates. Finding them, he avoided his death and forced Zeus to flee back to Olympus.

That wasn't enough for the fallen God of War. He used the Fates' loom to gather all the Titans from the past to relaunch their battle against the Olympians. His hope is to bring down the very halls of Olympus, ending the reign of Zeus. It's entirely possible that he'll succeed, but there are many gods waiting to stop.



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