The Story of Peirithous

Peirithous was the type of guy who had more guts than brains in Greek mythology. This fellow decided that he wanted to have Persephone as a bride. The only problem with his longing was that Hades had already taken her for his own. What's more is that Hades had already gone through quite a bit of negotiation just to keep Persephone in Hades, so he wasn't likely to give her up.

Peirithous convinced Theseus to come into the Underworld with him. Surprisingly (to the two of them), Hades greeted them and was quite friendly. But it was all a trick. Both men sat down in front of a fine banquet but were frozen to their seats by magic. Heracles eventually freed Theseus, who hadn't really done anything wrong (at least, not yet). But Peirithous was sentenced to live a life of endless suffering.

In God of War III, Peirithous is in endless fear of flames, as the embers of a fire continually fall around him, threatening to set his bramble cage on fire.


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