Gaia was seen by the Greeks as a personification of creation and the spirit of Mother Earth. She came before the Titans, when there was only Chaos, and she bore many children that eventually settled the land and the skies.

The Greeks worshiped forces that were meant to be understandable. Wisdom (Athena), justice and rule (Zeus), culture (Apollo) and so on. Gaia was not heavily worshiped because she was seen more as a force than a being. Her power was too great and too terrible to truly comprehend.

Ancient Greeks believed that the universe was becoming more organized and more civilized as time went on. The earliest creatures were little more than manifestations of nature, while their children were more like people. This process was meant to continue, and was an intuitive evolution of the cosmos.

Gaia mothered the skies (Uranus) and the oceans (Pontus) by herself. She soon became Uranus' lover, and with him conceived the Titans as well as the line that sired the Olympians.

In time, Gaia tired of the Titans and of Uranus. She crafted a stone sickle and showed it to some of her children. She asked if one would hide and then castrate Uranus the next time he approached her for lovemaking. Only Cronos had the courage to accept the task.

He did this and threw the resulting waste into the sea, Uranus was ripped apart, and his lost pieces and blood were forged (by Gaia) into new children.


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